Built from Legend

And this is how the story begins


A brand inspired by a man who refused to do only what was known and tried and decided to go his own way. A brand whose achievements have made it a legend.


Charles Cooper, a passionate racing fan, laid the foundation for a globally successful brand by founding a repair shop for motorcycles and automobiles.


When the Cooper 500 with J.A.P. motorcycle engine is bought by Stirling Moss, the spell is broken. The Cooper Car Company becomes the world's first automobile manufacturer for private customer sales and begins series production.


The Auto Championship rules now also allow vehicles with a cubic capacity of less than two liters to participate. The T20 and T23 models designed by Cooper wrote motorsport history as the "Cooper Bristol" Mark I and Mark II.


Already in their second F1 season, Sir Stirling Moss and Maurice Trintignant triumph in the T43 at the Argentine and Monaco Grands Prix and become the first F1 winners with a rear-engined racing car.

Cooper Car Company wins multiple Formula 1 races and Constructors' Championships with drivers Jack Brabham and Bruce McLaren. Cooper is on par with racing greats like Ferrari and Porsche.


With his affectionately called “crazy car”, John Cooper became a legend at the Indy 500 race in Indianapolis. The rear-engine design, which is completely unknown in America, generated a great deal of interest, at the latest when John Cooper stood on the podium.


With his friend and designer Alec Issigonis, John Cooper launched the Mini Cooper - the birth of the legend. The little racer soon got involved in rallying and clinched numerous victories in the Monte Carlo rallies.


Following his vision, John refocuses the Cooper Car Company on sporty performance and engine tuning. The much sought after engine tuning kits are in such high demand that the Rover Group decides to relaunch the Mini Cooper after a 19 year hiatus. The legend experiences a rebirth.


With the expertise of Mike Cooper, BMW launched the new Mini in the late 90s. From the year 2000 onwards, the John Cooper Works Company has been supplying the little racer with suitable tuning kits. The legacy of his father is thus successfully continued by Mike Cooper.


Mike and Charlie found the Cooper Bikes Company with the aim of building innovative bikes for the urban environment. The first bikes bear the names of historic victories in the racing history of the Cooper Car Company. The bikes are successful from the start, and the Cooper Car Company is awarded the "GQ Best Brand Extension Award".


Cooper enters into a future-oriented partnership with TechniBike GmbH from Germany. With classic British design and form language, the city speedsters produced in Germany are conquering the e-bike market.


John Cooper's visions accompany the development of Cooper bicycles and e-bikes. The new generation of Cooper Bikes combines the latest technology with unmistakably British design. Everyday, elegantly light bikes with a racing identity -
the Cooper E-Bikes Generation2

Discover our new Cooper e-bikes and conquer your city in style.
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