Reduced to the essentials

Visually, our Cooper e-bikes can hardly be distinguished from a conventional bike. The barely visible drive system provides a lot of extra thrust with an unadulterated, natural driving experience. The Zehus Gen2 hides a complete e-bike drive system in the rear wheel hub. A powerful motor, a powerful battery with highly efficient battery management and smart connectivity combined in one system.

Zehu's Gen 2

As a compact system, the Zehus rear-wheel drive includes all important electronic functions such as motor, battery, Bluetooth connectivity, sensors and battery management. The system is activated for the first time via the Bitride Connect app installed on the smartphone. Driving information is displayed here and driving mode settings can also be personalised. Once activated, the e-bike can also be used without the app if desired. From a speed of 8 km/h, simply pedal backwards three times and the motor is already activated and the preset support level is switched on


The 250 watt motor with a maximum torque of 40 Nm supports up to a speed of 25 km/h and lets you move forward in a relaxed manner.

battery pack

The invisible Li-ion battery is integrated in the motor and, with a capacity of 173 Wh, ensures plenty of electrifying driving fun. The battery is fully charged in less than three hours.


Depending on the support level and topography, a full battery charge is sufficient for up to 60 km. Also dependent on the energy recovery through the intelligent KERS technology that extends the range.

theft protection

The integrated "Active Electric Lock System" locks the rear wheel hub when activated, creating an immobilizer.


Weighing only 3 kg, the Zehus All-in-One is one of the lightest drive systems in the world. Thanks to the drive technology in the rear wheel hub, the Cooper Bike rides completely free of electromagnetic resistance even without motor support.


Thanks to the Bluetooth function, your bike can easily be connected to the Bitride app and communicate.

Personalize your ride

The Zehus Bitride Connect app is your intelligent control center.

Personalize your support mode, use electronic locking and get access to diagnostic and support information for your bike.

Once you have defined your favorite settings, you no longer need your smartphone. The next time you drive, the motor automatically remembers the last settings without having to turn on your smartphone every time.

You always want to have an overview of all functions and data? The dashboard in the Bitride app on your smartphone shows you all important ride information such as speed, distance, battery level and much more. to.

4 power modes

In addition to the support levels "Eco" and "Turbo" that have already been set, you have the option in Custom mode to individualize the support and thus adapt it to your personal driving style. Here you can set the intensity and duration of the support as well as the strength of the recuperation.



Turbo custom

no assist


Already established in Formula 1 racing cars, the identical technology for braking energy recovery is used in Cooper e-bikes.
If required, the motor can recuperate during braking or when driving downhill and charges the battery. This creates a hybrid drive and extends the driving range.

How does it work exactly?

If you continuously pedal backwards while driving, the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is activated. The system brakes the bike a little while charging the battery to gain more range.
The engine brake is perfect for going downhill or for taxiing to traffic lights. Highly efficient and completely without wasting energy.