purchase and delivery

Depending on where you live, we have normal delivery times of 5-7 days.

The Cooper E bike is delivered with the parcel service in a sturdy custom-made box. The wheel is pre-assembled and only the last steps of the final assembly have to be done. A Quickstart Guide is included and we provide you with an assembly video on the website.

Yes, can be selected at check-out

If used as intended, we offer a 2-year warranty.

In addition to the bike, a user manual and a quick start guide, the tool for completing the final assembly steps, USB battery lighting (removable), reflectors for the front, rear and spokes, charger are included in the scope of delivery.

Questions about our e-bikes

The weight varies depending on the model, size and equipment. More detailed information can be found in the specification data for each model.

The electronic "immobilizer" is used to protect against theft, but does not allow the Cooper E Bike to be fixed. A lock is definitely recommended.

For our classic Cooper E Bikes with Zehus drive, the permissible total weight is 130kg (rider, bike, luggage)

The SKS GT5 can be loaded with 15kg and thus offers a good payload, but please do not exceed the permissible total weight.

The engine does not have to be switched off, it switches off automatically after 2 minutes of standstill

If the Bluetooth connection cannot be established, please check whether the correct app is installed and whether the Bluetooth functionality is also switched on on the smartphone, then try again.

Yes. The system switches on automatically when the wheel is moved faster than 8 km/h to then activate the motor support, pedal 3x fully backwards.

On the product pages you will find a recommendation for the frame sizes under geometry data. These are empirical and guide values.

Any standard bicycle bag that can be hung on fits our pre-installed pannier rack and can therefore be retrofitted as required.

Any bicycle specialist dealer can help, spare and wear parts are readily available as with any non-e-bike. If a question cannot be answered, our service team will be happy to help.

Our Cooper e-bikes are approved under the StVZO. A little tip: the detachable light must always be carried with you, even during the day.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

The battery has a capacity of 173 Wh and is integrated in the rear wheel hub. The rated continuous power of the motor is 250W and has a maximum torque of 40Nm



Do you have problems with your Cooper bike?

Please fill out the complaint form to send your error description directly to our service. We will get back to you as soon as possible.