Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E
Cooper CL-7E

Cooper CL-7E

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Größenempfehlung 158 - 168 cm ab 168 cm
B Sitzrohr (mm) 480 520
D Oberrohr hor. (mm) - -
E Oberrohr (mm) 546 560
H Steuerrohr (mm) 130 150
A Radstand (mm) 1056 1066
C Sitzrohrwinkel 74,5° 74,5°
G Lenkwinkel 71° 71,5°
I Stack (mm) 578,5 599,3
F Reach (mm) 385,7 393,8


Rahmen Cooper Steelframe (CrMo 4130)
Gabel Cooper Steelfork (CrMo 4130)
Lenker Cooper Alu 25,4 640mm, 11° silber
Vorbau Cooper Aluminium 25,4 / 80mm / 17°
Griffe Brooks Schraubgriffe
Steuersatz FSA 1 1/8" A-Head
Felgen Mach1 560 Alu Hohlkammer 36L, schwarz
Speichen Edelstahl 2.0mm by Mach1, silber
Bereifung Kenda Kwick Trax K1053 35mm
Vorderradnabe Cooper Disc (36L, 6-Loch, Vollachse)
Hinterradnabe Zehus AIO Bike Gen2 Heckmotor, silber
Kassette/ Ritzel 7-speed 11-24Z
Kettenblatt Aluminium 44Z 4-Arm
Kette / Riemen KMC e11 Sport EPT
Kurbelgarnitur Miranda Classic Aluminium 170mm, silber
Kettenschutz Kettenschutzring Aluminium
Schaltwerk Microshift XLE, 7-Gang
Schalthebel Microshift Daumenshifter
Bremsen Tektro MD510 (mechanisch)
Bremsscheiben 160/160
Sattel Brooks C17 Kautschuk, schwarz
Sattelstütze Cooper Aluminium 27,2 silber
Akkubeleuchtung, 30 Lux, Osram LED, USB
Rücklicht Akkubeleuchtung, Cree LED, USB
Schutzbleche Aluminium, in Rahmenfarbe lackiert
Gepäckträger SKS Infinity GT5
Pedale Plattformpedale
Seitenständer AtranVelo Moveable Mittelstütze
Motor Zehus Bike Gen2 Heckmotor 250W/40Nm
Akku Im Motor integriert, 173Wh
Display nicht notwendig, Steuerung per App
Zul. Gesamtgewicht 130 kg
Gewicht ab 17,5 kg (ohne Pedale)


Allgemeine Produkthinweise: Preis- und Farbänderungen vorbehalten. TechniBike behält sich vor, benannte Bauteile eines Herstellers bei fehlender Verfügbarkeit durch Gleichwertige eines anderen namhaften Herstellers zu ersetzen. Die Gewichtsangaben der Bikes basieren auf lackierten Vorserienrahmen zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung, das tatsächliche Gewicht kann ebenfalls hiervon abweichen.

the ultimate city e-bike


the ultimate city e-bike



The ultimate city e-bike for the big city: Not at first glance
recognizable as an e-bike, there is quite a lot in the light commuter e-bike
Technology. The fully integrated rear wheel hub motor hides the motor and battery,
which, thanks to Kers technology, can be recharged while driving –
a hybrid drive with guaranteed range. Combined with the puristic
Cooper design on a classic steel frame, the Cooper CL-7E draws everyone's attention
on yourself.

Purist design

Just like the racing cars in the past, the Cooper e-bikes are also equipped with a rear motor. Hidden in the rear wheel hub, the compact system combines drive, battery and electronics in one. This allows for effortless movement in the city and maintains the classic
purist design.

Urban Understatement
Zehus compact system

The barely visible drive system from Zehus combines motor, battery and electronics in one.
electronics in one. The powerful 250 watt motor with 40 Nm of torque
supports up to a speed of 25 km/h. The powerful Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 173 Wh ensures a lot of riding fun and is fully charged in less than three hours. Depending on the support level and topography, a full battery charge is sufficient for up to 60 km.

Reduced to the minimum
commute with ease

With a weight of only 3 kg, the Zehus compact system is one of the
lightest drive systems worldwide. Due to the drive technology in the
rear wheel hub, the Cooper Bike also rides without motor support
completely free of resistance. The 7-speed XLE rear derailleur
Microshift enables precise shifting in all conditions and
offers the perfect translation with its large translation range
for every terrain.

Bluetooth connectivity

Instead of an annoying display, the control is carried out simply by
smart phone. The Zehus Bitride Connect app is your smart
control center. Personalize your assist mode, use the
electronic locking and get access to diagnostics and
Support information for your bike. Do you have your favourites?
Settings are set, you no longer need your smartphone. at
the next trip, the motor automatically remembers the last ones
Settings without having to turn on your smartphone every time.


Our Cooper e-bikes are approved under the StVZO. A little tip: the detachable light must always be carried with you, even during the day.

The battery has a capacity of 173 Wh and is integrated in the rear wheel hub. The rated continuous power of the motor is 250W and has a maximum torque of 40Nm

For our classic Cooper E Bikes with Zehus drive, the permissible total weight is 130kg (rider, bike, luggage)