"An original Classic Mini Cooper S from the 1960s that we have tuned into the ultimate Cooper Car Company Mini limited to 30 builds"

Mike Cooper

The ultimate Classic Mini Cooper S

As the Cooper Car Company we have created the ultimate Classic Mini - a rebuilt and reimagined Cooper Car Company Mini Cooper S from the 1960s. Available in two options: a full blown historic race car, eligible for historic and masters racing, with a 130 bhp+ Cooper Swiftune engine; or a powerful road/track car that you can drive to the circuit also with a Cooper Swiftune engine.  All road/track cars are based on original 1960s Mini Cooper S's and come equipped with unique Cooper Car Company parts that we have spent hours honing. We wanted to create a piece of history that celebrates an era of Cooper dominating international and domestic racing - 60 years on from when Cooper won their second Formula 1 World Championship. The cars will be limited to only 30 and restored by a team lead by Scott Turner.  If you want to be one of the lucky few to own a piece of history please leave your details in the form at the bottom of this page.

Unique Cooper Car Company interior
Swiftune with Cooper Car Company Engines
Ready for the track
Individually numbered 1-30
Upgraded brakes and suspension
Built in line with original Cooper Works team racing Minis
Original Cooper race car steering wheel and dashboard
Our unique steering wheel and dashboard on both Cooper Car Company Minis

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