Our e-bikes are climate neutral

In 2022 we offset a total of

3,585,860 KG

greenhouse gas emissions by supporting climate protection projects.

The compensation of 3,500 tons of Co2 corresponds approximately to:


wash cycles in a washing machine at 60°C

284,786 kg

Beef in production


distance traveled by car

Our projects

Afforestation in Uganda

Forests are among the most important CO2 stores on earth and are the basis of life for us humans. Global forests have declined sharply in recent decades. In the years 2000 to 2005 Uganda experienced the highest rate of deforestation in the world with an annual forest cover loss of 2.2%. More than 20 years later, Uganda is still struggling to meet the ever-growing demand for wood from sustainable resources and to conserve the natural forests . With our contribution we support reforestation and sustainable forestry and thus increase the CO2 storage capacity of the biosphere.

Plant trees in Germany

The coupling project supports two regions at the same time: A certified forest protection project is supported to offset emissions and a tree is planted in Germany for every tonne of CO2 compensated. We not only support global reforestation projects, but also make a regional contribution to combating climate change. The effects of climate change can also be felt in our native forests. Pests spread particularly quickly in weakened forests, forest fires destroy large forest areas

Labeling climate neutral:

All Cooper e-bikes are climate-neutral. With our ClimatePartner label, everyone can transparently understand how and where our CO2 offset takes place.

How does certification via ClimatePartner work?

Calculate Co2:

Together with ClimatePartner, we have calculated all the Co2 emissions of our TechniBike GmbH - from production to packaging and transport of our products.

Balance Co2:

We reduce emissions where we can and when selecting our partners, we also pay attention to their certification and actions in relation to sustainability.

Avoid Co2:

We offset all unavoidable emissions via internationally recognized climate protection projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio and thus offset our emissions.