The story of the stripes

All our bikes have two stripes along the top tube. This means you will always be able to recognise a Cooper Bike. Mini Cooper's have historically carried the two stripes on the bonnet. This wasn’t just some go faster visual accessory but a key part of racing for Cooper that John Cooper started. 

Back in the 1950s and 60s the colour of a race car was determined by the country of origin of the team. 

The Italians: like Ferrari and Maserati, were red; the French: like Bugatti and Gordini, were Blue; the Germans like Mercedes and Porsche, were silver; and the Brits were all green.

Some teams would slightly change the shade of the colour to help recognition of their cars as they would pass the pit straight but John Cooper still used to get frustrated not knowing which cars were Cooper's. This is why he put two white stripes along the bonnet of his race cars so he and the team would always recognise their cars. This tradition was carried over to the racing Works Team Mini Coopers.